Exploring the technical aspect of  Caternet: The hospitality software 

In this article, I will show what Caternet is and chart out a step-by-step log in the guide. Through the course of this article, you will understand the working of Caternet as well and what it aims at.

Caternet: A friend to the hospitality sector

Caternet is essentially a software company that is based out of the UK and has its dealings weaved around mostly the hospitality sector. To simplify it a little, Caternet essentially helps you with efficiently procuring the various products for the operational part of your company. So, it is a company that helps save the cost of other companies that are grounded in the hospitality sector and are facing trouble working in tandem. 

What kind of operations and services does Caternet provide?

Preventing stock inaccuracies and missed invoices

  • Caternet enables you to automate stock management so that you can effortlessly maintain a quick, accurate stock control with live purchasing, stock consumption down to the item level, and stock consumption overall. This would prevent any stock inaccuracies, missed invoices as well as going over budget which will cut much of the time and make the stock supervision task much less daunting.

Daily Price Guide

  • You can be sure you’re getting competitive purchasing for all of your procurement needs, not just for food and drink, using Caternet’s daily price guide. You can see the high and low pricing of comparable products using our simple traffic light system, giving you the power to bargain for the best possible deal for your business.

Online reporting

  • Another feature of Caternet worth mentioning is that you will receive quick, integrated online reporting from Caternet. Ordering, transactions, analytics, budgeting, or even stock control are all things you can handle swiftly while concentrating your analytical abilities on real-time correct data.

Enhanced communication

  • Caternet creates a solid, dependable, industry-specific internet platform for the hospitality industry that facilitates correct data and reports between departments.  The software optimises manual procedures so that you don’t waste time on inefficient, time-consuming tasks. As a result, you can act quickly and confidently and make better and informed decisions surrounding your business or company. 

How does Caternet Work?

  • Caternet is one of the best e-procurement software targeting the hospitality sector. Zupa Tech Ltd. hosts and develops all of the Caternet software. A complete ERP-style chart of accounts that connects to your financial system and enables you to conduct transfers before exporting to your financial system forms the system’s backbone.
  •  Another aspect of Caternet’s work enables you to use your preferred suppliers with our P2P eProcurement system and live-priced buy order commitment. With the help of this foundational software, you can modernise your financial administration, eliminate paper invoicing, and set personal spending limits for your numerous users, groups, and departments all of which can result in effective cost saving for your business as well as a quarrel free workspace among the different departments of your company.

Steps for Caternet Login

  • Logging into your Caternet account is simple. All you have to do is either from their home page select client login or head directly to the log in URL: https://zupacaternet.com/.
  • Once you do that, you will be directed to the log-in page where you just have to enter your username and password.
  • Once you log in, you will see the ‘Welcome to Caternet’ prompt amidst different options. 
  • Logging into your Caternet account is simple. All you have to do is either from their home page select client login or head directly to the log in URL
  • Once you do that, you will be directed to the log-in page where you just have to enter your username and password.
  • Once you log in, you will see the ‘Welcome to Caternet’ prompt amidst different options. 

How can you create your Caternet account?

Making a contact

  • One thing that you have to remember is that for most of the companies dealing in IT consultation, the important thing consists of not directly signing up via their website but rather making a contact with them. In the case of Caternet also, if you want to join up or sign up all you need to do is Call at 023 8212 4099 or send an email at sales@zupa.co.uk to get in contact with us and the rest can be handled by them. 

About the Caternet Pricing

  • Furthermore, if you are wondering about the cost then for your segment of the hospitality market, they have straightforward rates. For the number of modules you select for each of your locations, you pay monthly (no expensive user licences). By the end of the first month,  the clients start to see a return on their investment. So, basically, you pay for what specific feature you want to avail of. You can get a detail about the pricing from them via contact. 

The reasons for low pricing

  • The pricing of Caternet is deemed to be low by many clients and the reason being is that since it is totally up to you how you choose to handle your suppliers, they have no financial concerns about that. However, it is important to  Caternet that you receive the best possible service and price. Simply said, they let you avoid the middleman (and their inflated markup) and give you the technology to manage and automate your neighborhood so you can maximize those savings.

How you can get in touch with Caternet via their website

You need to do the following things to get in touch with Caternet:

  • Then, on the screen that you are directed to you will see a sort of form requiring you to fill in your personal details consisting of your First name, Last name, Email, Phone number and lastly, the message that you want to send them. 
  • Next, scroll down below and check in to the ‘ Agree to the privacy policy box.
  • Then, if you want to get the relevant information about the products offered by Caternet then you can check the ‘Opt-in for future communications’ box as well. 
  • Finally, click on submit and the Caternet team will try to establish contact with you as soon as possible.

How to request a demo if you want to try out Caternet

If you have any doubt regarding the working of Caternet and how you can make use of its software, you can also request a demo by heading to the demo page. All you are required to fill out a certain form again asking you to enter your First Name, Last Name, Phone number, area of interest, or the field in which you want to take the help of Caternet software and lastly type in the message you want to. For instance, it can be about helping you with the technical aspect of the software or anything, and lastly after you have checked the two boxes down below, click on ‘Send request’.