Drake Medox College login and everything you need to know

In this article, I will show you all the details about Drake Medox college, the admission process, and the quick log-in guide to its students portal. So stick till the end to know all about it.

Drake Medox College: A college for health and social service programs

The need for health care assistants to serve customers and residents not just in the institution sector but also in the home support and private home care sectors led to the establishment of Drake Medox College a college based in Vancouver, Canada which is also the sister company of Drake Medox Health Services. To fulfill the demands of our aging workforce and population, either in multilevel care settings or in their own homes, there is an increasing demand today. Since the founding of the college, they have developed diploma programs for community support workers and activity assistants.

Some key features of Drake Medox College

Healthcare programs

  • The only programs offered by Drake Medox college involve health and social service-related programs. To be specific, they include Health Care Assistant Program, Community Support Worker, Activity Assistant Diploma, Medication Administration Certificate, English Preparation and other Certificate Courses.

Online and in-person 

  • There are options for online and in-person delivery as well as for in-person instruction exclusively. This makes the programs accessible to many people who may be facing some impediment in one or the other style of classes.

Choose a class as per your choice

  • You can choose a class time that fits your schedule, whether it be on a Saturday, Sunday, or even during the week. At both our Surrey and Vancouver Drake Medox campuses, you will find the support staff addressing your queries and providing other support 6 days a week.

What you can do after graduation

  • You will participate in a thorough “Job Seeking Skills” training module as part of a Drake Medox College curriculum. This module gives students the chance to practise interviewing techniques through role-playing and simulated interviews. Each student creates a finished resume, learns important job-finding strategies, and receives a documentation checklist that they will need to speed up the application process for jobs. You can use this experience to assist you to become ready to land a good job.

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Registering to the Drake Medox College: Getting advice for your career paths

Before we head to our Drake Medox log-in guide, you may have a query regarding how you can apply for admissions, given the fact that it is a matter of change. Drake Medox has a pretty simple admission process and one of the best things is that they try to detail everything so that you don’t have to worry about the overall admission process. Here are a few key points that you will have to remember:

  • Firstly, Your dedicated admissions counselor will do a casual phone interview with you to discuss your professional aspirations and why you want to get into the healthcare and community work sector and get you started on the process of finding the program that best suits your needs. This will help you in getting a goal set.  
  • Your advisor will respond to any inquiries you may have upfront and schedule an in-person or online appointment at a time that suits you. These advisors bring out what you want to do with absolute finesse. 
  • Additionally, you can meet the support staff members, whose “Student First” philosophy guarantees that you get all the direction and assistance you require, not just throughout the  Drake Medox admissions process but also throughout your program studies and beyond. So, it won’t be like that they will drop you midway to figure out what your future goals are going to be. Full carrier guidance is what you can expect from the college. 
  • If you want to get more information regarding the admission process then what you can do is simply fill out the form lying to the left side of their general information on the admission website. All you have to do is enter your preferred location, first name, last name, email id, telephone, ZIP code, country and program and then tick the ‘I agree to’… box. After that, click on ‘Send me info’ and you will have much-elaborated information on the admission process of a particular program that you wish to pursue. 

Steps for Drake Medox college login (student portal)

One thing that you have to remember is that once are approved for admission, you will receive your student ID and password. You can then use it to log in to the student portal and manage your academic life via that. 

  • To log in, all you have to do is head to the login portal of Drake Medox College.
  • On the page, you will now have to enter the student ID and password.
  • Lastly, click on Log in. 

Note: In case you forgot your password, you can simply click on the ‘forgot password’ lying underneath, and then on the next page enter your Email Id to receive a new password. 

How you can refer a friend to Drake Medox college

Almost 87 per cent of the students studying in different programs at Drake Medox college get referred by their family or friend. This means that there are more chances of coming across the college via reference than you stumbling upon it on the internet or any other source of information. Also, Drake Medox College also acknowledges this and offers each student who refers three or more students in a year is eligible for an honorarium of up to $400 as well as a free trip of up to $1,500.Additionally, there are various annual bonus incentives.

To refer a friend, all you have to do is:

  • Then, scroll down and fill out the form containing information such as preferred campus, your name, phone number, email, your friend’s name, your friend’s phone, your friend’s email, preferred program and comment\questions. 
  • Once you have filled this form, an advisor will get in touch with you or they may directly contact your friend as well. 

A Goal of Drake Medox College

So to sum up the goal of Drake Medox College is to create programs that will enable graduates to offer comprehensive health care and/or community support to a spectrum of multiethnic clients. The ultimate goal and recipient of their efforts is the student. The college also pledges to deliver high-quality training and teaching resources and continuously improve the content of our programs.