Forsyth Infinite Campus: Features and Login Guide

In this article, we will be looking at steps for infinite campus portal login of Forsyth County Schools. So, stick to the end and follow the steps carefully.

Academia in the modern world is becoming more and more complex with the arrival of many pieces of software. For the students of Forsyth County Schools which often are quality driven and have students coming from different countries, management and records are as important as ever. For handling such a complexity, Forsyth County Schools have turned towards Infinite Campus, where you can manage all the data that is relevant to the learning process. But what precisely is Forsyth’s Infinite Campus? The below section shall answer that.

Forsyth Infinite Campus: A portal for academic data management

Infinite Campus essentially is a student information portal that allows the student of Forsyth County schools to monitor all student information, such as attendance, test results, grades, and demographic information and can be accessed with the availability of an internet connection. What this means is that an Infinite Campus is a distinct software that exists independent of Forsyth and works similarly to any student portal of a particular school. Owing to its high functionality more and more academic institutions are adopting Infinite Campus.

Reasons why Forsyth has turned towards Infinite Campus

Before we set out to draft our Infinite Campus log-in guide, it is important to acquaint ourselves with the features and the working of the Infinite campus.

  • One of the primary features that several schools including Forsyth have turned towards Infinite Campus is because of the ease of accessibility. Now, teachers can simply enter the grades of the students, and parents via the portal can look over them. This has ensured transparency as well as information regarding the performance of wards.
  • The information that you find on the portal is managed and stored in a single SQL database. This arrangement ensures that you are saving cost as well as the time of your staff who otherwise were involved in hectic tasks of managing such huge amounts of data.
  • Apart from a student portal, Infinite Campus also involves a parent portal that keeps the parent or guarding informed about the progress of their children at any time they want. Therefore, you can either log in as a campus student or campus parent.
  • Using Infinite Campus, teachers will be able to take attendance, keep track of assignments and grades, make seating charts, and send and receive messages to others who have an interest in our students’ academic performance. 
  • Teachers can also utilize Infinite Campus to create lesson plans and curriculum maps as well as individual learning plans. Teachers may do all of this from anywhere they have an Internet connection because Infinite Campus is web-based.
  • Infinite Campus offers scheduling services, and assistance with organizing graduation, online registration, and transcript retrieval.

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Forsyth Infinite Campus login

  • Now, the very first thing that you are required to do is head to the URL here
  • You will be directed to the Infinite Campus log-in portal where you will now have to enter your student username and password in the required field.
  • Once, you have entered them click on log in and you shall be able to get into the Forsyth IC portal.

Note: These steps were simply oriented towards how you can log in to your Infinite Campus account as a student. Now, we haven’t yet taken into consideration that you are accessing the portal as a parent.  If you don’t have a parent portal account then the below section will help you out in creating one. 

Register for Forsyth Infinite Campus: For parents

  • One thing that you will have to know is that you must need an activation key to access your Infinite Campus parent portal account. Furthermore, every Monday, Forsyth County Schools sends an email to parents who do not yet have a Parent Portal account (to the email address on file). 
  • To create your account, click the web link provided in this email. It remains Live for two days. If you haven’t gotten an email, please check your Spam/Junk folder.
  • You can get in touch with your child’s school to make sure the right information is on file if you haven’t received an email. If the accurate information is not currently on file, they will give you advice on how to change it so you will get an activation email.

Now, to finally get on to the parental log-in steps, here is what you need to do:

  • Firstly, Under Popular Links click on Parent Portal. Remember that you can only do so only if you have the activation key. If you are unable to get the activation key then you can simply contact the school authorities.
  • Next, select ‘Campus Parent’.
  • Then, select ‘New User’.
  • Enter your activation key in the required field and then select Submit.
  • Next, you are required to choose a username and password. Remember that whatever your password is it has to be 8 characters and should contain a number or symbol.

Note: If by any chance you have forgotten your parent username or password for that matter. What you can do is simply contact Forsyth or you can also physically visit the school itself. All you will be required is a valid picture ID and they will help you out by providing a temporary password which you can then change into a permanent one by logging into your portal.


Forsyth Infinite Campus works phenomenally well and in order to avail of all its features, it is important that you log in to it. But, make sure that you have all the requirements that have been mentioned above. Moreover, for more information or any issue solving you can also visit Forsyth’s Students Information System Department which is located at 1140 Dahlonega Hwy Cumming, GA 30040. But again, make sure you have a valid photo ID.