Steps to the Fullerton College MyGateway Account login

 In this article, I will show you the steps to Fullerton College MyGateway Account login web. So, stick till the end to know all the essential details.

About Fullerton College and MyGateway

Located in Fullerton, California, Fullerton College comes under the category of a public community college that was established in 1913. It stands as one of 112 California Community Colleges System and is further part of the North Orange County Community College District. The college underwent a reorganization in 1922 to become an independent junior college district. The institution started relocating to its own fourteen-acre facility next door in 1936 after first offering classes on the Fullerton Union High School campus for its first 23 years.

North Orange County voters approved a $239 million infrastructure bond initiative in 2002, with approximately $135 million going to Fullerton College. It was utilized to build new facilities as well as renovate those already on the campus. The new library inside the LLRC was inaugurated on June 13, 2005, and it was formally dedicated on October 28, 2005.

My Gateway account is the District portal that allows various registered entities to carry out many tasks as well as allow access to Enterprise Information System (EIS). With the portal classes can be registered, grades can be accessed, course transcripts can be reviewed as well as printing tour class rosters. This means that you will have to create a MyGateway ID via the Information Services department of NOCCCD. My Gateway essentially is separate software, therefore, existing independent of Fullerton College.

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What you need to know before logging in to your Fullerton account.

Before we begin to chart out log-in instructions for the Fullerton College portal it is important that you know the following things about the process itself.

  • MyGateway can be accessed through Fullerton college as well as the MyGateway websites
  • The initial passwords to access MyGateway are the six-digit date of birth that is yyyymmdd and can be changed once you are logged in via the Webstar option on MyGateway.
  • Since the MyGateway portal comes under the authority of the Information Services department of NOCCCDD, you can directly contact them if you are facing any issue regarding the portal via the number (714) 808-4849 as well as via email at

Fullerton College MyGateway Account login instructions

  • Firstly, you will have to go to the Fullerton MyGateway portal.

After that, you will see a page where you now have to enter your MyGateway ID and password.

  • For the bar where you have to enter your MyGateway ID, enter your 8-digit Banner ID followed by your password.
  • Click on the Login button to get logged in.
  • If the fields that you have entered are approved successfully then you will be directed to the Fullerton home page.

How to log in or sign up to MyGateway if you are a new student?

  • The first thing you will do to sign up or log in to the Fullerton college website is to ensure that you have received an email from the college regarding your application status as to whether it has been accepted.
  • The email will also contain a link containing your MyGateway ID along with a link to reset your password. Resetting here implies a new sign-up.
  • Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the account recovery page of the Fullerton portal where you can set a new password as well as your OTP phone number. To ensure that the username you will be entering and the Reset Forgotten Password are correct and checked respectively. After that click Continue.
  • Now, the OTP will be sent to the email that you received the original notification or message. Make sure that you check your spam folder.
  • Enter the OTP and click continue.
  • On the next page, enter a mobile phone number to receive the OTP via text message rather than personal email. This step can be skipped until you’re ready to set it up. However, the portal will keep reminding you about that.
  • You will receive a text message containing the OTP.
  • For the text message that you now see, enter the OTP and then click Continue.
  • Upon the successful approval of the OTP that you entered. You will a message; Try to continue logging in’ to further continue.
  • With this, you will be able to log in to Fullerton MyGateway now. Along with this, you will get an email regarding the successful reset of your password.

What to do in case you find a problem logging in to Fullerton MyGateway

  • If you are facing troubles logging in to MyGateway. Here is what you can do to solve the issue:
  • Start by crawling your browser cache and then exit your browser and then restart.
  • After this, try logging in again
  • Are you attempting to access myGateway using a bookmark in your browser? Delete the bookmark, then go back to the MyGateway site and make a new one. The old bookmark directs you to a website that is no longer functioning.

Note: In case your attempt to log into your Fullerton account is unsuccessful for the 5 times then your account will be locked. However, you don’t have to worry as after five minutes you can try logging in again.


MyGateway provides an effective platform for students to manage their academic data without any hassle. However, you have to make sure that while logging in you remember your username and password or else you will have to deal with the unnecessary steps taken to recover your password. If you have any doubts yet about the steps for Fullerton college MyGateway account login then you may take the help of the campus officials themselves. 

Here are the contact numbers of different officials

  • Cypress College Students, Faculty, and Staff 714-484-7346 
  • Fullerton College Students 714-905-5162
  •  Fullerton College Faculty and Staff 714-732-5005 
  • SCE Students, Faculty, and Staff 714-808-4679