How to connect to McDonald’s free WiFi using android, iPhone, and laptop?

In this article, I will show you how you can login to McDonald’s free wifi using different devices.

Eating at McDonald’s has become a part of a regular chore for the working class. However, what could actually ease up their life while they enjoy their burger is a reliable wifi connection. If you haven’t heard of it before, McDonald’s provides free Wifi for those entering through its gate to partake in their favourite meal. The franchise Wifi is quite different from the one you make use of in public places with respect to speed primarily. You can get access to an above-average internet speed i.e 58Mbps and an upload speed of 14Mbps. Therefore, you can easily stream movies as well as get your important work done without having to cluck your tongue in frustration. So, let’s get into how you can sign up or use the McDonald’s Wifi

About McDonald’s Wifi and features

McDonald’s started to offer free WiFi in 2010 in more than 11500 of their 14000 outlets. To keep it inclusive, they removed any specific purchases or log-in credentials from the picture. They have a special restaurant locator page that allows you to find Wifi hotspots by typing your zip code city and state into the search bar. You can also check whether a branch has a WiFi service or not by clicking on the Filter option.

McDonald’s Wifi has the uniform features such as:

  •  58Mbps worth of downloading speed
  • 14 Mbps worth of uploading speed
  • Unloaded latency of 27 milliseconds as well as loaded latency of 517 milliseconds.

Steps to login for McDonald’s WiFi using your iPhone

  • Firstly, you will be required to go to the settings from the home screen of your iPhone.
  • Then, make sure that your Wifi is turned on.
  • The McDonald’s Free WiFi should be present in the list of Choose a Network sections. If by any chance you don’t find the network with the name related to Mcdonald’s then simply look out for a network devoid of a lock icon like att-wifi, Wayport access or attwifi.
  • Once you found out, open the browser of your phone.
  • Then, Tap on Get Connected( a red button). With this, you will be directed to McDonald’s Free WiFi sign-up page. Make sure you have an active internet-connected for the sake of this task.
  • Once you have tapped in, this would automatically mean that you accept the terms of service of McDonald’s free internet. 
  • Once you are done with this, you should be able to see a message about the successful Wifi Connection. You have now connected to the McDonald’s Wifi using your iPhone.

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Sign up for McDonald’s WiFi using Android

  • Firstly, open your phone settings and then select Wifi
  • Out of the list of available networks select the one containing the McDonald’s Free Wifi or any network similar to that name
  • You will be able to see the status connected once you are connected with the Wifi
  • Now, open the browser of your Android device and it will automatically direct you to McDonald’s WiFi sign-up or connection page.
  • Then finally tap on Get Connected to connect with the free McDonald’s internet.

Signing up for McDonald’s WiFi using Laptop

  • Open the taskbar and select the WiFi icon.
  • Search for the free McDonald’s WiFi network from the list of available networks.
  • Now, click on Network Get Connected lying next to Terms and Conditions.
  • Once you are done, you will be connected to the WiFi.

How to make use of the Mcdonald’s restaurant locator page to find access to WiFi

  • You will firstly have to visit the McDonald’s restaurant locator page. The page also allows you the street address as well as information about the operating hours of the restaurant.
  • Then, type your ZIP code followed by city and state in the search bar provided at top of the page.
  • Select or tap the search icon.
  • Scroll down(results) until you find a location under Services that feature the Wifi connection. You can also click the arrow icon lying right next to Services to check whether a particular network is available or not.
  • The McDonald’s location that you are going to eventually end up with will be the Wifi hotspot providing your access to McDonald’s free Wifi. 

Why can’t you connect to McDonald’s Free WiFi?

  • Server Issue

If you are unable to connect to McDonald’s WiFi then the chances are that you may have gotten the DNS setting incorrect or the IP address that you using may be conflicting. The other reason could be that you could be unintentionally making your laptop or smartphone use a custom DNS server. 

To fix the issue and connect to McDonald’s wireless Wifi, these are the steps that you need to take

  1. Go to the Control panel of your laptop
  2. Select Network & Internet
  3. Then, select Network & Sharing centre
  4. Click Change Adapter Settings from the left panel.
  5. The network interface that you can see on the screen, right-click on that.
  6. Select Properties followed by checking the Internet Protocol Version 4.
  7. Click on the Properties option or button.
  8. Then, select Use the Following DNS server addresses.
  9. After this, you are required to enter as your preferred DNS server while for the alternate DNS server enter
  • VPN issue

Another reason why you are unable to connect to McDonald’s Wifi could be that you are using a VPN to hide your IP address or protect yourself from online threats. Whatever may be the reason, McDonald’s WiFi doesn’t allow or support the use of VPN. This may also lead to connectivity issues with the internet. The plausible alternative and a solution to this could be that you first connect to the McDonald’s internet and then use the VPN for whatever purposes.


Nothing can be more enjoyable than a big mac and a Netflix series to stream. However, in order for the latter to be possible, you will require an active internet connection with a good speed. So, what you can do is simply login to McDonald’s WiFi using the steps shown above for different devices and enjoy.