Quick-Step guide to state EZ Pass Login

In this article, we will be looking at what is an EZ Pass, how it works, as well as chart out a quick easy to comprehend guide that will help you login into your state EZ Pass so that you don’t have to worry about toll taxes anymore.

Traveling is an inseparable part of our world. We have been doing that since the beginning of the history of mankind and now we are here, in a world where it is at’s full swing, more than it ever was almost unbridled. Now, one of the facets of such travel is traveling by your vehicle on a smooth plain highway. However, you may be short on time and may want to be quickly done with the toll plaza as soon as you can. But, as you would know this isn’t a concern anymore since the arrival of automated toll collection systems. One of these is EZ Pass, a system that is being used in toll bridges, toll tunnels, and toll roads and is currently working in most parts of the US. 

What is EZ Pass and How it works in three steps?

To get a little more specific, EZ Pass is a toll collecting system in place that allows both individuals and businesses to pay tolls via electronic methods thereby saving time and the deployment of human resources. Well, you might be wondering how it achieves the task. Well, it archives so in three steps:

  • Firstly, a tag electronic in nature will be attached to the windshield, roof and license plate of the individual vehicle. 
  • Now, there must be an agency on which you are travelling. So, this tag would provide the agency with your entry and exit locations.
  • Once the information is relayed to the agency, they can now calculate the appropriate amount of toll and then deduct it from your prepaid toll account. 

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Why should you get an EZ Pass?

The overall benefits of an EZ Pass then amount to:

  • Saving money

In most cases, the total fare is less than the cash rate. In this instance, it saves you from spending those extra bucks that you could otherwise save. Furthermore, if you keep using the Maine Turnpike you will be saving more money upon each passage. 

  • 24/7 Accessibility

With EZ Pass you can easily check your balance and funds along with print toll statements. Not to mention that this account can be accessed 24/7.

  • Autopay

Automatic replenishment with a credit or debit card to ensure that you always have funds available to pay the toll.

  • Maintaining organization

Reduces pollutants and congestion while saving fuel. Thereby keeping things a little more organized.

Things you need to know about EZ Pass

  • As your vehicle passes through the EZ  Pass toll plaza, The appropriate payment is charged to your E-ZPass account. E-ZPass registration costs as little as $25, to begin with.
  • There are about 18 states in which an EZ pass is accepted. 
  • There are no such criteria upon who is to be eligible for an EZ Pass, therefore, meaning that everyone is eligible for one. 
  • Personal E-ZPass Accounts may only be used for non-commercial purposes. You must register a business account if you drive a company vehicle, a vehicle utilized for business, or a vehicle for hire.

How to sign up for your state EZ Pass?

As already mentioned, the EZ Pass requires a sign-in, and in order for the tag which you then can attach to your windshield, license plate, or rooftop to reach you, registering yourself is important. Follow the below steps to register for the EZ pass of your state:

  • Firstly, from any internet-connected device such as a smartphone or laptop, head to the EZ Pass website at https://www.e-zpassny.com/en/signup/facility.shtm
  • You are now directed to the EZ Pass sign-up or registration page. From here select Sign up Now.
  • Choose the state that you are living in. Remember that EZ Pass is accepted in 18 states. 
  • Choose to Click here to enroll online.
  • You will now be required to fill out a form asking you for the relevant personal information. Upon the successful submission of the form, you shall get your tags and account profile in a matter of 5-7 days.

Things that you need to have with you when registering for your state EZ Pass

There are a couple of things that are mandatory to have with you when registering for an EZ Pass. These include:

  • Your vehicle registration information includes plate number, state of registration and plate type
  • Your valid credit card information. From this account, the toll tax would be deducted and further funds can be added.

State EZ Pass online account Login

  • You will head to the log-in page of your state EZ Pass. 
  • Then, enter your username and password. 
  • Once, you have entered them correctly, click on Log-in and you will be directed to your EZ Pass account. 

Note: Different states have different log-in portals. But, most of them have the same requirement of entering your username and password. Furthermore, if you use your Account Number and PIN to log in, a Username and Password will be generated for your account to increase the security of your account information. Your account number will serve as your username, and your PIN will serve as your password.


E-ZPass tags are active RFID transponders that have historically been produced via a competitive bid contract by Kapsch TrafficCom (formerly Mark IV Industries Corp—IVHS Division). They transmit a distinctive radio signature in order to communicate with reader equipment installed in lane-based or open-road toll collection lanes. The most typical kind of tag is an internal one, which can be attached to the inside of the windshield of a car close to the rearview mirror. For state EZ Pass login, you have to make sure that you have all the things mentioned above ready. This may also be required while the time of form filling.