Veracross JP2 step-by-step login and sign-up guide

Veracross, a student information system is affiliated with the Pop John Paul 2 or JP 2 school and therefore acts as a student portal for the school. Many students however find it hard to log in to the portal. In this article, we will be covering that as well as other technical and non-technical aspects of the Pop John Paul school as well as look at Veracross and how it functions. 

Veracross: a 100 per cent student information system that operates via the web browser

Veracross is essentially a student database system that works for both private and independent schools. The software caters to their different needs such as record maintenance, data update, accessibility, etc with their fully integrated database with personalized as well as data-driven communication to ease up the whole administration process and get a better record of the academic as well as personal information of students. One such private prep school that runs the Veracross-supported student portal is the Pop John Paul 2 or JP 2 school. 

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Pope John Paul 2 prep school: The second largest Teneses prep school

When Pope John Paul II Preparatory School first opened its doors in August 2002 as Pope John Paul II High School, it swiftly rose to the top of the list of the state’s private schools. We added grades 6 through 8 by incorporating a middle school in the autumn of 2021. Pope Prep provides a variety of cutting-edge initiatives that are defining the direction of Catholic college preparatory institutions in the future. We are Middle Tennessee’s second-largest private prep school with little over 750 students, and we were built to accommodate the region’s anticipated future expansion.

What you can do with your JP2 Veracross student portal

  • Learning Management System 
  • Academics Reports  
  • Parent and Student Portals 
  • Attendance and Behavior 
  • Student Emergency Information 
  • Assignment Dropbox 
  • Grades and Comment Review  
  • Team and Athletic Schedule Management

Veracross JP2 features that students can enjoy via the portal

  • Give your teachers access to a single web-based portal where they can enter assignments, submit attendance, track student behaviour, and organise classes.
  • Veracross JP 2  provides you with all the resources necessary to create transcripts, progress reports, and report cards. Include easily editable text, school logos, and other branded features.
  • Veracross Academics accepts a range of grading procedures. Set up grading cycles, GPA, honour roll, and more to suit the particular requirements of your institution.
  • Veracross offers the capabilities you need to make scheduling as simple as possible, whether you’re creating the entire year’s calendar or managing a single student’s class enrollments.
  •  By streamlining teacher workflows, improving accessibility to reports and documents, and facilitating effective communication between families and schools, the Veracross  JP2 Student Information System provides one solution for your entire community, whether you’re a teacher or a student.

How you can log in to Veracross JP 2 student portal?

If you want to avail of the above features provided by Veraocrss, you will need to log in to its JP 2 portal, only then will you be able to track your student data. So, to log in follow the below steps:

  • Then, you will have to enter your username and password in the required fields.
  • Once you have entered them, click on log-in and you can finally log in to the portal. 
  • In case you have forgotten your email address or password, what you can do is simply click on ‘Can’t access your account underneath the log-in button. 
  • Now, on the next page enter your email address and click on ‘Send instructions’. With this, an email will now be sent to you at the provided email address. 

Note: The sender of this email is, please take note. Please check your spam folder to make sure emails from are permitted if you don’t receive one after a few minutes.

How you can sign up for Veraocross?

One thing that you will have to remember is that you can only sign up to Veraocross only if your application to the school is successful meaning that you have become a part of the school. If you are a new admission then the credentials to your Veracross portal will be sent to you via email and then only you can be all set to log in to the JP2 Veracross portal.

  • Note: The Admissions Office looks for individuals who have the prerequisite abilities to succeed in a college-prepared programme when considering candidates. The evaluation entails a review of the student’s prior academic performance, instructor recommendations, a placement test, and a one-on-one conversation.

Pope Prep has three levels of academic courses, which support a wide range of intellectual aptitude. Depending on their aptitude and work ethic, students can decide between Advanced Placement, Honors classes, and College Preparatory programmes. Call the admissions office at (615) 822-2375 x6005 if you have any inquiries about the application process.

How you can set up the daily student schedule at JP 2 Veracross student portal

  • The Daily Student Schedule feature shows all of a student’s schedule information for a given day, bringing together possibly dissimilar data regarding class schedules, sporting and event schedules, travel plans, and more in one view. There are links between many UI elements, such as assignments and group events.
  • You can view it any day. To go one day forward or back, or to jump directly to date, use the date picker in the upper left. The Daily Schedule is only as accurate as the information entered, therefore viewing date weeks or months in the future is likely not going to include assignments since teachers presumably haven’t recorded them yet.
  • “Student Schedule” and “School Schedule” can be toggled at the top right.
  • Only events that directly involve the student are shown on the “Student Schedule,” such as their specific classes and any athletic or group activities they will physically attend that day.
  • “School Schedule” takes a distinct action.


Veracross JP 2 portal is a completely integrated system for managing student, teacher, and parent information in schools. Veracross increases operational effectiveness in your school, freeing up more time and resources for student instruction. Veracross effectively and productively connects people by offering quick and simple web access to all relevant educational information. To log in to your Veracross account, however, make sure that you have the username and password and if you are having any difficulty regarding the log in you can always contact the school authorities.